About Sarah

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Sarah loved drawing at an early age. She studied at Bennington in Vermont.

There she received a B.A. in French and Fine Art, and a Master in Teaching. During that time, she also studied with poet Mary Oliver. She still considers her to be one of her biggest influences.

Artist Sarah Tudor thinking about what to paint
Used paintbrushes in cup next to painting

My Process


In her 20s, she spent a lot of time in France which really made a lasting impression on her aesthetic. French language, culture and literature continue to be a big inspiration for her work.

Her favorite period of Art History is Post Impressionism and she is still grateful that she saw so many of these works in person.

Artist Sarah Tudor pondering her sketchbook

Made with Love


Closeup of painted orchid on canvas
Various paint brushes next to flowers on flat lay

She lives in Pennsylvania once again with her husband and their two children (and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) where they are working on their forever home (and garden!)

Her paintings seek to capture the fleeting moment with calligraphic markings, movement and vibrancy to show the passing of time. She draws inspiration from the change of seasons, travel, memory and literature.


I believe that everyone deserves to be surrounded by beauty regardless of their level of income, and that everyone deserves to express themselves and to be seen and heard.

I believe that art should be accessible and alive; a creative conversation between the human and the divine that does not belong to the select few.